NOT AGAIN: The Internet Reacts To Frank Ocean Cancelling His Coachella Weekend 2 Headlining Set

Source: Jay L. Clendenin / Getty

This past weekend, Frank Ocean made headlines when he performed his highly anticipated Coachella Festival set. As glorious as the occasion was supposed to be, it didn’t go completely as planned. Less than a week later and a few short days before the second weekend of the music and arts festival is supposed to start, the Long Beach, California native may have just put himself on his fans bad sides.

Minutes before it began, fans were alerted that Frank’s set wouldn’t be live streamed like the other artists had been throughout the day. On top of that, the 35 year-old didn’t actually grace the stage until an hour after he was set to perform. This took away time from what was scheduled to be a two-hour performance. Fans became further frustrated when the Channel Orange star’s set ended abruptly due to curfew restrictions. Add this to the alleged long moments of silence throughout the show and it’s understandable why fans weren’t the happiest with the product they were served.

Ironically enough, everyone didn’t feel the same way about the night. Some fans thanked Frank for being vulnerable during his tribute to his younger brother who passed three years ago. Frank enthusiasts were thankful to even be able to witness him perform after all he’s been through in the past few years. Others noted that the show not being live streamed made it feel more special especially considering that Frank performed reworked and new versions of some of his classic songs. Although there were mixed feelings about how the night went, it’s safe to say that everyone expected a performance three years in the making to go much smoother.

Frank Ocean was billed as the headliner in 2020 but was unable to perform after the festival was cancelled for two years in a row due to the pandemic. Unfortunately for fans that will be in attendance this weekend, they won’t be seeing the two-time Grammy winner perform. Following a doctor’s advice, Frank pulled out of his headlining set to tend to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg. As expected, the news shook the internet as fans express their thoughts on Frank once again breaking their hearts. Check out some of the funniest reactions below! Speedy recovery Frank!

1. Issa Scam?


2. Slam On The Brakes. Hahaha


3. Not The Magic Johnson. Lmao


4. Honestly & Truthfully


5. Respect To Blik-182…But Come On


6. We Need A Doctor’s Note


7. Can Definitely See It.


8. You Got Covid AGAIN?


9. Super Salty. Smh


10. Fix It Jesus!