Mace announces Maya, the new album out on April 5th

Mace announces Maya, the new album out on April 5th

Mace announces his new album MAYA, available from Friday 5 April in CD, colored and signed 2LP formats and digitally on all streaming platforms for Island Records / Universal Music Italia.

Maya, translatable as “deceit”, is a term that comes from Hindu philosophy to express the great illusion that envelops what we commonly define as “real”, a veil that hides the true nature of things and of ourselves.
Following this vision means practicing seeing the universe as a single organism, interconnected and immaterial, exploring the world of the unconscious, the invisible, the secret, slightly pushing aside the veil of physicality so as to be able to free one’s gaze on things.

About the album Mace declared “I wanted to approach an all-encompassing record, which was born from contact, not from many separate bricks. It is a very different method than what is in vogue today: not single sessions, but periods of life lived together 24 hours a day for several days, in the colors of the Tuscan countryside, sharing practically everything, like a collective of the 70s. In particular, I had Funkadelic and psychedelic rock in mind, but I often didn’t give any precise indications: I wanted the music to materialize, and we were simply antennas, ready to channel it. So many of the ideas in MAYA appeared like this, from the interaction between the most talented musicians I know, inside a room full of musical instruments: synthesizers, Indian instruments, wind instruments, harps, guitars, African percussion… we felt like Pink Floyd in Pompeii!”.

On October 18, 2024 Mace will hold his first concert at the Forum in Milan.
Accompanying Mace on this journey will be musicians, visual artists and various guests who will take turns on stage.

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