Hometown Hero: Baby Tate Brings Ass & Affirmations To Atlanta Show

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Turn up QUEEN!

Last week Global Grind was in the house for a standout performance from Atlanta singer, rapper, and actress Baby Tate who is currently opening for Charli XCX for her nationwide CRASH tour. We caught the show at the Atlanta, GA, tour stop on April 13th at the The Eastern where a packed crowd was assembled by the time Tate took the stage at 9PM sharp.

Baby Tate opened her set with her high energy hit “Pedi,” launching into perfectly choreographed movements which were echoed by her audience, who greeted her by fully matching her vibe, rapping along to the lyrics and dancing, cheering on Tate as she performed, sometimes twerking and other times simply shining through her personality as she confidently delivered her verses.

Tate followed Pedi with “Rainbow Cadillac,” before offering up several unreleased tracks, “Differences,” “Yassss Queen,” “I Do” and “Dancing Queen.” While she’s acclaimed as a rapper, it’s no secret that Tate is also an accomplished singer, and she deftly maneuvered between her high-energy songs and some of her slower tempo records. Tate kept the audience with her the entire set, through new music and popular favorites, at times addressing the fans directly with her signature style of motivating and affirming her audience, telling them at one point, “At the end of the day what matters is that you love yourself.” Tate particularly brought the fun with her recently released single “Sl*t Him Out,” which was met enthusiastically by the crowd before finishing with some affirmations ala her viral hit “I Am.”

We caught up with the Atlanta native after her show to congratulate her on the moving set.

How does it feel to have the crowd going crazy for you in your hometown?

“It feels good every night to have people get excited for the new songs because that means we’re doing something right,” Tate told Global Grind. “I don’t want to have them just sitting there like, ‘Um, girl what is this? ‘ so it feels really good but especially to be in Atlanta my hometown there’s just so much love in this room and it feels amazing to be back. This is my second time on tour but it’s in a way bigger room this time. It feels great.”

Why is “I Am” the perfect way to close out your set?

“I feel like it’s the most ME of a song,” told Global Grind. “If you really put everything that I’m saying, whether it’s a little bit raunchy or a little bit heartbreak, it’s really about being yourself and affirming that and knowing who you are, so I feel like “I AM,” I have to end it with that and it’s everybody’s fan favorite.”

When can we expect new music?

“Spring summer… joggers,” Tate laughed. “It’s coming in Summertime. It’s finished, we’re just trying to wrap everything up. With tour that kind of got in the way but definitely gonna drop after. Two new singles dropping at the end of this month.”

You’re known more for your high-energy music, did you have any jitters doing more singing for this show?

“There weren’t any jitters,” Tate told Global Grind. “A lot of people know me as a rapper, but if you’ve ever been to one of my shows you know that I sing so for me singing has always been the first thing that I used to do at all my shows, I wasn’t even rapping like that. And so it always feels great to have that reaction from the crowd though. When you hear those high notes, they were like going, ‘Oh my God this b*tch is singing!’ I’m always going to be doing both.”

We love to see it. Stay tuned for more news on Baby Tate as she continues to gear up for her dual Hip-Hop/R&B project Mani/Pedi.