Exclusive: Richard Madden & Gemma Chan Talk Marvel’s “Eternals,” Being In A Thousand Year Relationship & More!

The Eternals are finally here

We can’t even imagine being in a thousand-year relationship but that’s exactly what happens when superpowered cosmic beings ‘Ikaris’ (Richard Madden) and ‘Sersi’ (Gemma Chan) fall in love and become longterm couple goals in Marvel‘s “Eternals.”

“I enjoyed being able to build the relationship with Ikaris and Sersi over the ages,” said Chan. I think it’s a fascinating study of what keeps a couple together for thousands of years. When do they not get bored with each other? And what kind of love means that you really care about someone for that length of Ɵ me?”

“Eternals” follows a group of heroes from beyond the stars who had protected the Earth since the dawn of man. When monstrous creatures called the Deviants, long thought lost to history, mysteriously return, the Eternals are forced to reunite in order to defend humanity once again.

The rest of the outstanding ensemble cast includes Kumail Nanjiani as cosmic-powered Kingo, Lia McHugh as the eternally young, old-soul Sprite, Brian Tyree Henry as the intelligent inventor Phastos, Lauren Ridloff as the super-fast Makkari, Barry Keoghan as aloof loner Druig, Don Lee as the powerful Gilgamesh, with Kit Harington as Dane Whitman, and Angelina Jolie as the fierce warrior Thena.

We caught up with the Richard and Gemma who opened about being in love for thousands, the allure of the MCU and more in our interview you can watch below:

Together, the Eternals are a family unit, living and working together for thousands of years. As time passes, their personalities evolve and change, as do the friendships within the group. This influences the dynamics, and as some individuals’ perception of their position within the group and outside of it changes, it becomes clear there are many different facets to their personalities.

The Eternals secret presence within society over thousands of years has led to some of them becoming attached to the human race, and happy to live within it and be a part of it. Equally, some of them have become frustrated and would like to head off on a different mission, or return to their home planet, Olympia.

“For me, each of these Eternals and the emotional journey they go through and the transformation they go

through in this fi lm represent an aspect of human nature that we like to explore,” said Oscar-winning Director Chloé Zhao.

“They represent an exploration of the duality in each of us. So in a way the ten of them have lived for 7,000 years, but what they picked up from us that they love or hate says a lot about who they are, but also says a lot about who we are.”

“Eternals” is now playing in theaters everywhere!