Exclusive Q&A: Artist IV4 Talks Hypnotizing New Single & Visual “Stroke” Featuring Jeremih

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IV4 Stroke

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IV4 is a St. Louis-born, Creole contemporary artist who slides the scale between R&B, rap and pop music. The LA-based singer is back today with another infectious single titled “Stroke” featuring Jeremih, which is accompanied by a hypnotizing visual.

Don’t look at IV4 as an overnight success because she has been releasing original music that she’s written, produced and performed for nearly five years. The rising artist’s 2020 hit song “Swimming” featuring Trippie Redd went viral and attracted the attention of the industry’s biggest artists like Chris Brown, Playboi Carti, Swae Lee, Russ and Jeremih – all of whom will appear on her upcoming album debuting next year.

The gorgeous singer is more than just the music. IV4 is a self-proclaimed witch and actively practices spellwork. Her Gypsy background greatly influences her music, which aims to create a magical effect through its aural and emotional hues. IV4’s music is a culmination of seduction, authenticity and an intricate reflection of the world through her lens.

IV4’s music is the soundtrack to her life. She has already accomplished a great deal as an artist and entrepreneur. The budding artist hopes to continue being a role model through her work as a Black female entrepreneur with her many successful businesses outside of music. She gives a nod to one of her businesses, Naked Voodoo, in the video featuring her special “love potion.” Naked Voodoo’s products include custom cultivated potions, spellwork and handmade voodoo dolls, paying homage to her Creole heritage. IV4 has also curated her apparel and merchandise brand iEATBOYS, which we discuss in more detail in our exclusive Q&A.

IV4’s highly-anticipated single “Stroke” featuring Jeremih debuted today with a hot and alluring music video directed by Austin McCracken. She talks to us exclusively about her new single and video, linking up with Jeremih and what fans can expect from her in the future.

Read more about the “Stroke” single and video and what’s next for IV4 below:

Tell us about your newest single “Stroke.” The hook sounds infectious, how did the song come about?

Jeremih and I were in the studio vibing to beats per usual and when this beat came on, we knew we had to hop on it. Making the song was easy since we both have a love and understanding of “slow jams.”

How did you and Jeremih link up for this song?

It was honestly just another late night with the homies. I love to create when I’m around creative people and the song just came to us and we started to vibe. The rest is history!

You two played a fun game of “Never Have I Ever” where you both get into some little known facts about each other. With a record like “Stroke,” which is super intimate, I imagine you are quite vulnerable sharing these moments through music. How important is it for you to be open with your fans about your personal life?

I’m actually an open book. I have a habit of over sharing, but I feel like that’s what makes me, me. I feel like my fans have been able to connect with me more because of it. My music is relatable because it’s coming from a human with human experience. 


In the video, you seem to hypnotize the lead guy with a “love potion.” You’re a beautiful woman, with a host of modeling campaigns underway, do you find yourself hypnotizing people IRL?

Ha! Yes, it’s one of my many talents. I think flirting is healthy and sports-like in a way. It makes me feel a catwoman type of confidence. That scene was inspired by the actual “love potion” that I made for my Naked Voodoo line. I want people around me to feel just as confident as I do.


What was it like working with the director Austin McCracken?

 Austin is a great director! He really knows how to take a small vision or idea and turn it into something cinematic. No idea is too crazy and he’s great at making everyone on set feel heard and an equal part of the project. He’s a real leader type. Definitely keep an eye out for him because he’s next up.


There were a lot of fun moments from the visual. Favorite part about filming the video?

My favorite part of filming the video was the car wash scene! I’ve always wanted to do an on-screen Jessica Simpson car wash scene! It was hot! It was hard to stay in the car with all that soap to be honest, but I definitely had everyone on set captivated!

This is the first single from your forthcoming EP set to release early next year. What can fans expect from your upcoming project?

Expect vibes. I have slow jams & baby makers. Dance tracks, and the songs you play in the car at 2am. It’s all feelings that are translated through sound. Also keep an eye out for crazy visuals and content!


What else are you excited for as you wrap up of the year?

I’m excited for my second single & visual to release, the first real drop from my clothing line IEATBOYS, the continued growth of my spiritual line Naked Voodoo, and for continuous growth in general. I’m here for it!

Follow IV4 for more news on her upcoming music and business ventures. Watch IV4’s official video for “Stroke” featuring Jeremih below.