Exclusive: Alyssa Sutherland & Lily Sullivan Talk ‘Evil Dead Rise,’ The Deliciously Devious Demon Mommy, Blood-Splattered Scenes & More

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Are you ready for Evil Dead Rise?

Horror movie lovers are buzzing over long-awaited reboot Evil Dead Rise that builds upon the freakishly fiendish foolery that elevated the beloved franchise to classic status nearly 40 years ago.

“My introduction to that world was when my father showed me The Evil Dead and Evil

Dead II on VHS, back-to-back,” said Director Lee Cronin.

I was nine years old at the time. There was a storm and the power went out, so it was a very particular experience, watching those movies. They left an indelible mark on me. Later, I revisited them in my teenage years, so they stuck in my brain.”

Moving the action out of the woods and into the city, Evil Dead Rise tells a twisted tale of two estranged sisters whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons thrusting them into a primal battle for survival as they face the most nightmarish version of family imaginable.

Peep the terrifying trailer below:

Directed by Lee Cronin, Evil Dead Rise stars Lily Sullivan, Alyssa Sutherland, Morgan Davies, Gabrielle Echols, and Nell Fisher.

“Lee has been able to take everything that has come before, synthesize it, concentrate it, and add his own spin to it,” said Executive Producer/legendary Director of the original Evil Dead films, Sam Raimi.

He’s rejected the bad parts, improved the good parts, and put real characters you care about at the center. I think what’s unique about the Evil Dead universe is that these spirits that possess the living have a nasty sense of humor about themselves.

That’s a great playground for filmmakers and actors alike. Working with Lee has been a wonderful experience. You would think these horror filmmakers are going to be really depraved or sick people in person. But no, they’re usually pretty funny people who want to provide thrills for the audience. Working with Lee is a pleasure.”

To talk everything Evil Dead Rise, we caught up with Alyssa and Lily who opened up about the film’s deliciously deranged demon mommy, ALL of the blood, and more in our interview below:

And, as an added bonus, we chatted with Lee Cronin about the scariest movie of the summer. Check out the internet below:

Evil Dead Rise scares its way into theaters April 21, 2023.