Autism Acceptance Month Spotlight: Proud Mama Holly Robinson Peete Supports Her Son R.J. Working With The LA Dodgers

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Actress, entertainer and proud mom Holly Robinson Peete shared a photo of her son, Rodney Jackson Peete, or R.J., hard at work with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The family first revealed him working with the team on their Hallmark show “Meet the Peetes,” citing how significant it is for others to know he can do anything despite being autistic. Read more details and check out the post inside.

R.J. is Holly’s eldest twin son. The 25 year old is an employee with the LA Dodgers baseball team, working in their Clubhouse. His mom Holly celebrated him at work a week ago on her Instagram. Her caption was simple with a few hashtags supporting Autism Acceptance Month. It reads: “My baby at work!! 💙⚾️ #dodgers##AutismAcceptanceMonth#AutismActionMonth#AutismAwarenessMonth#AutismAdvocacyMonth#proudclubbymomma

Holly has been very open and vocal about her son being on the spectrum, and she understands how powerful it is to share their journey as he continues to live out his wildest dreams. The myth is that people a part of the autism community can’t have normal jobs, hobbies or aspirations, but R.J. is proving them wrong.

According to R.J.’s bio listed on the Hallmark Channel’s website about the “Meet the Peetes” cast, he is also a mentor at the Speech and Language Therapy Center in Los Angeles, which he attended as a young child. He provides support and help to other young children on the autism spectrum. Aside from his work, he also loves making rap music, modeling, watching sports and dedicates his spare time to help spread autism awareness by traveling with his mom speaking to families about his experiences living with autism.

R.J.’s mantra is: “I may have autism, but autism doesn’t have me.” R.J. is so proud to have co-authored his first book, Same But Different, with his mother and twin sister, which was published in 2016 through Scholastic Press.

Happy Austism Acceptance Month! Let R.J.’s story be an inspiration to all who dream.

Check out Holly’s post below: