A Look At Nelly’s Most Iconic Moments Through The Years

There is a lot to celebrate as Nelly turned 46 years old yesterday Nov. 2. The St. Louis rapper has given us undeniable hits across genres that have climbed the Hip Hop, R&B and Country charts. It is no doubt that he has not missed any checks as he is currently featured on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and received a major partnership with Budweiser. His personal life seems to be going well as there may be a potential engagement to long time girlfriend Shantel Jackson. Let us take a look at some of his most successful moments through the years to celebrate another year of Nelly.

1. Nelly’s Debut Album Country Grammar Changed His Life

Nelly prepares to release the deluxe version of his debut album Country Grammar in November. He recalls a moment where he was able to retire his mom from their local Rally’s. A gratifying feeling that must have been and the blessings continue to roll in. The album went platinum in 2016.

2. The Iconic Tip Drill Video 

This historical moment that many children should not have witnessed is that of the iconic “Tip Drill” video. The song recently celebrated 20 years of wild and unadulterated success. This video could only be viewed late nights on BET Uncut, but it was certainly the talk of every fan during those times.

3. Nelly’s Hit Song “Dilemma” Featuring Kelly Rowland

In 2002, Nelly released “Dilemma” featuring Kelly Rowland which sampled Patti Labelle’s “Love, Need and Want You.” This song and video was legendary for a number of reasons. One being that the icon Ms. Patti Labelle was actually in the video as well, and two Kelly Rowland texts Nelly from an excel spreadsheet on her Nokia. The release of this single led to many rumors of the two dating, but both camps denied the rumors to be true.

4. Nelly Takes Over The Country Charts

Nelly made an introduction into Country music with his single “Over and Over” featuring Tim McGraw in 2004, which went platinum selling over a million records. He has continued to collaborate with the Country music community recently releasing a single with country duo Florida Georgia Line entitled “Lil Bit.”

5. A Budweiser Partnership

Nelly collaborated with Budweiser for a new limited edition Budweiser tall boy can to celebrate Country Grammar’s anniversary. He also shows his St. Louis pride with an ode to his city on the front of the limited edition can. St. Lunatics all over are celebrating their hometown hero as they go out to purchase in support of Nelly.

6. Nelly On Dancing With The Stars 


Nelly has made quite the fashion statement on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars when he went viral for sporting a the Jordan Cement 3’s with a heel. He has certainly been a huge contender as a winner for this season of Dancing With The Stars as he graces the stage each night with charm and grace. This week’s episode Nelly and his dance partner paid tribute to his late sister who passed of leukemia in 2005.

7. Nelly Has Kept It Player

Fans discuss their favorite Nelly tracks and we quickly realized he has a long discography to choose from. He has continued to uphold his legacy of making classic records that last a lifetime. Nelly is amongst the celebrity population that clearly found the fountain of youth or something, because he does not look 46 years of age. He actually looks as fine as he did with the iconic bandaids on his face.

Cheers to more life for the legendary rapper as he continues to embark on a successful journey ahead. Happy Birthday, Nelly!