Zonashi Doubles Down with Dynamite Trap Tune 'Decoy' – FUXWITHIT

There isn’t a gap in the market for underground electronic labels, but there is a new one to look out for. Loveshock Records serves as another record label with a mission “to platform underground artists and build community.” For for their debut, they’re bringing us Los Angeles-based Zonashi. The beatmaker came up during the future beats boom on SoundCloud and is currently proving to be a producer who you should get familiar with. In November, he dropped glitch-laden ‘Advanced Circuitry,’ the debut single off of his forthcoming EP, Catastrophe Theory, which is set to be released via Loveshock. Now, for his second single, Zonashi delivers ‘Decoy.’

‘Decoy’ begins with bubbling synths that build anticipation until the first drop, where Zonashi belabors us with bouncy drums and scattered vocal chops. His intricate sound design sustains the spirit of future beats, but the hard-hitting percussion adds the elements of electronic trap that we’ve been craving since the mid-2010s. In the subgenre of hybrid trap, it’s easy for a lot of the music to be muddled and overwhelming, losing the essence of simplicity that trap provides. However, in ‘Decoy,’ Zonashi keeps the beat fresh and clean, leaving space for each ingredient to shine. Get a taste below.