Yvng Jalapeño Showcases Diverse Styles In ‘Stay’

After an almost year-long hiatus, Yvng Jalapeño is slowly making a comeback and returning to full form. As supporters of the artist for a while now, it has been a pleasure watching him grow into a multi-talented artist, earning a plethora of accolades throughout his musical journey. Admitting that “the last 2 years have been a massive struggle to find motivation to keep doing this,” and rightly so given the times, it has been great to see Yvng Jalapeño pick up right where he left off, collaborating with Ghastly on a groovy bass house tune and continuing that arc with the fun ‘Posibilidad.’

The fun in following Yvng Jalapeño is never knowing what he will do next, with the artist having explored all walks of bass music over the years. Now, the Australian artist returns with ‘Stay,’ a track that fits well within his heavier discography. His latest opens with an angelic vocal lead that is complemented by a euphoric introduction, before an air of controlled franticness begins to build. As the drop comes around, the track takes a turn towards a hybrid between trap and dubstep, with a punchy sample and crunchy basses leading the charge. Boasting a second half that is equally as invigorating, ‘Stay’ is further evidence of Yvng Jalapeño’s ability to keep innovating within the bass sphere, as he avoids drawing ideas out for too long and keeps you hooked from start to finish. Don’t miss it below.