XAVAGE And Jon Casey Trancend Space And Time With 'Make It Clap' – FUXWITHIT

Teleporting the listeners to outer space, we have XAVAGE and Jon Casey showing no mercy on their newest single, ‘Make It Clap.’ Which is out now on Elysian Records. If you thought this year couldn’t get any crazier, then prepare yourselves, because this single will knock you off your feet into an out of body stasis. Creating a fun and exhilarating feeling you won’t forget. Both artists have been working hard and in depth to create true marks for themselves this year and for the future. And to see them come together for this work of art is inspirational and exciting. Combining Jon Casey’s hard hitting drums with XAVAGE’s swing is a journey to experience. This is what they had to comment in regards to the process of the collaboration.

I knew for a while now that Jon’s and I styles would really compliment each other. When Jon was on tour we linked up in LA and I showed him the track in its early stages. It had my signature bounce and groove which Jon then took and brought it to a whole new level.

It came together pretty well in the early stages. I pulled up to Michael’s crib in Downtown LA, he showed me the track and I was like… this is a classic. Has that early twerk trap feel. I felt that I just wanted to bring a different energy towards the end so I incorporated some HARD instruments to make the rest of the song fierce.
– Jon Casey

‘Make It Clap’ is an instant club obsession. Everything you’ve become addicted to from these guys is put on a pedestal of high honor. From deep and high pitched leads, to drums which truly knock, this is a dangerous weapon to share. Incorporating a catchy vocal sample to compliment the atmosphere gives it an extra kick of admiration. But once the second drop comes in, it’ll leave you speechless. The violent and sharp lead will cut through any speaker and create a battlefield of dancing. They really went all out on this, creating a track you’ll definitely want to witness in the club in the future.

XAVAGE and Jon Casey are two powerful souls. Each holding their own special flare to whip up greatness for all to experience. Which is proven every second in this piece. It’s only going uphill for them. Make sure to support both artists by streaming ‘Make It Clap’ everywhere.