Why We Need New Music Now More Than Ever – FUXWITHIT

Things are fucked up right now.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, times are weird, scary and uncertain. All around the world, cases are being reported, people are getting sick, some are dying, businesses are closing, people are being laid off, cities are on lockdown, everything is cancelled and in an effort to help control the spread we’re social distancing and self-isolating. Times are tough but there are at least some positives. I’m grateful we live in a connected world. While many of us are stuck inside, we have access to a wealth of information and nearly unlimited entertainment in the form of movies, video games, TV shows and music.

Amidst this crisis, one topic that has stood out to me is the question around whether artists should continue to release new music. Thanks to technology musicians can still create, distribute, and share new music essentially unaffected. Even 20 years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible with distribution still reliant on physical means and recording done in large studios. Given the ability is there, I think it’s more important now than ever that artists continue to create and release new music for a variety of reasons.

Music Can Elevate Your Mood

In times like these, we could all use a little mood booster. Whether it’s the anxiety of the unknown, the sadness of feeling alone and helpless, or actually getting through sickness, music is here to help. From a scientific standpoint music is proven to release dopamine in the dorsal and ventral striatum of your brain, which actually makes you feel better. Science aside, I think any music lover can attest to the fact that listening to something they love can impact how they’re feeling. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been walking home with my headphones on after a bad day and gone from feeling anxious and upset, to singing and dancing in the street off the power of music alone.

Music Cures Boredom and Loneliness

The effects of social isolation are no joke. Humans are social beings that are meant to interact in person. With city shutdowns and social distancing measures a necessity, music can act as an essential friend, filling the room. Music can keep your mind occupied and provide a sense of connection. When your headphones or speakers are full, you’re never truly alone.

Artists Could Really Use The Streaming and Purchasing Revenues

With the bulk of most artists income coming from playing shows and touring, they are experiencing a massive loss of revenue. By releasing new music artists can make money off streaming and purchases to help them get by in these difficult times. For fans, streaming is a free (or inexpensive) way to support their favourite musicians. For fans who haven’t been hit financially by this crisis, consider buying music or merchandise. A little can go a long way.

Music Brings People Together

The power of music to bring people together never ceases to amaze me. I’ve met hundreds of people through the power of music. While shows and festivals are currently cancelled, music still has the power to bring us together digitally. When a major artist like Drake drops a new project, the world feels more connected. Group chats light up, Twitter is ablaze, media outlets write emphatically. Although we may be apart, music has a way of making us feel connected and provides a sense of joint experience. This doesn’t just apply to superstar releases, new music from smaller artists can still bring fans together. The recent explosion of live-streams from artists is another example of this power.

We All Need Something To Look Forward To

One of my favourite quotes from my mom is “you always need something to look forward to.” A sense of hope and excitement is what keeps us going and makes life worth living, especially when times gets hard. With festivals cancelled and social gatherings on pause, the list of things to look forward to is dwindling, but it’s not empty. Music provides a beacon of hope in dark times and gives fans something to be excited about. A new single or album announcement might help make your day or week. We need to do everything we can to still feel excited and optimistic and new music is critical.

We’re all going through it right now and music allows these hard times to be a little bit easier. I look forward to the wealth of incredible art that will be created and released in the coming months. As always, we’ll be doing everything we can at FUXWITHIT to keep bringing you the best new music amidst these crazy times. Artists, if you can, please keep giving us new music. Fans, keep streaming and supporting your favourite artists. Things aren’t great right now but they’ll get better and as always we’ll have music to help get us through it.