Volt Intertwines Dubstep and House With A Highly Charged Remix of Moody Good's 'SIXTYSIXTY' – FUXWITHIT

Rod Dawson, better known by his stage name Volt, has continued to shock the bass scene with his innovative and hard-hitting signature sound. If there was one producer to call on to deliver a fury of both dubstep and bass inspired music, Volt would definitely be the one on speed dial. From absolutely destroying shows around the globe from Los Angeles all the way to Tokyo, this producer has proven to build an army of bass lovers fueled by his mind blowing production style to leave you questioning where his unique sound has been all your life. Continuing to take us on multiple rides through his new wip’s, Volt is changing the game one beat at a time as he flawlessly blends dubstep and house with his highly charged remix of Moody Good’s  ‘SIXTYSIXTY.’

Launching with a solid tech-house inspired beat in the background, distorted vocals lure you into Volt’s vortex of heavy drops which go even harder over time.Volt manages to keep Moody Good’s original vibe of wobbling bass and slow tempo madness while intertwining nasty metal wrenching instrumentals with a side of bounce. Going zero to one hundred real quick, the second drop easily leaves listeners in a state of “WTF” as Volt brings the gas to deliver a force not many can take lightly. Satisfying both dubstep and house enthusiasts, if you are trying to catch a feel of riding the rail while simultaneously getting groovy on the dancefloor, Volt has just provided the vibe with this release.