Tom Finster Unleashes High-Octane Single, 'Lights' – FUXWITHIT

Tom Finster is a heavily underrated force in drum and bass and in bass music in general. Despite only coming onto the scene in 2018, the artist has released on labels such as Inspected, Upscale and DIVIDID, has landed remixes for the likes of Camo & Krooked, The Caracal Project and Rohaan, and has consistently shown through his individual work that his production in elite and his ideas are innovative. Nonetheless, people do not talk about Tom Finster enough, at least in North America, and that needs to change.

Perhaps that change will come as a result of his first single of the year, ‘Lights.’ Without undermining the quality of tracks that the German creative has shared with us in the past, ‘Lights’ might be his best work to date. A brooding soundscape that hints at the madness that follows introduces the piece, with Tom Finster taking his time to up the energy to really churn at the uneasiness of the sinister sounds. As vocals and percussion are added into the mix, listeners quickly come to realize that the artist has been brewing something inhuman, before the true insanity takes over. Fast-paced, core-shattering drum and bass shines bright in the second minute of the track, as Tom Finster flexes his usual crisp sound design and meticulous attention to detail. However, it’s the second half of the track that makes ‘Lights’ truly remarkable. Flipping the script by halving the tempo, Tom Finster goes for a slower second drop that packs just as strong of a punch balancing vocal cuts and gnarly basses to a tee, making ‘Lights’ an extremely well-rounded piece.

Don’t miss it below.