Tom Finster Shows Off His Creative Genius In 'No Tomorrow' Remix – FUXWITHIT

Twenty-five years and still going strong! It may be a veteran of the scene, but Hospital Records has certainly not lost its edge. In addition to all the masterpieces that the UK label continues to add to its catalog, a few days ago it managed to take me totally by surprise and with this totally unexpected gem. I can hardly explain my astonishment when I saw Hospital tweeting that, in addition to the symphonic rework of Camo & Krooked and Mefjus’s hit ‘No Tomorrow’, there would also be a Tom Finster remix.

Being a huge fan of both the artists, the label and the original tune itself, the hype surrounding this release for me was real, palpable. I can’t imagine what pressure Tom Finster must have gone through as he approached this herculean task. I think there are just two options. Either his self-control is on a superhuman level, or he’s spent countless sleepless nights working on his remix because his interpretation of ‘No Tomorrow’ is incredible.

While the original was instant classic, to say the least, this rework is ​​also ready to make history and set a new standard for this art. The epic and poignant atmospheres of ‘No Tomorrow’ are subtly distorted and manipulated by the creative genius of the German producer, who instead of overturning the original concept, has masterfully contaminated it with his own vision. Trust me when I tell you that Tom Finster has gone in full mad hatter mode and has set up for us a mad waltz through tripped-out halftime and full-blown drum & bass destruction. Describing these five minutes of pure electronic poetry second by second would be an extraordinary as well as exhausting experience, that’s why I prefer to let the music speak for itself.

Stream Tom Finster’s remix of ‘No Tomorrow’ below or on your favorite platform here.