JID Tells All On 'Skegee' For Black History Month – FUXWITHIT

We haven’t forgotten that this month is Black History Month. After a year of self-reflection, non-Black folks are finally able to be educated as well as educate ourselves on the harsh truths of racism. Here at FUXWITHIT, we’re really thankful that so many artists took time this month to relay their personal experiences through their art. And we can only hope to take this knowledge, apply and acknowledge it in our daily lives, and take steps to improve as a society. On February 22, JID took time to recount his struggles of being black in America through in his new song, ‘Skegee.’

No matter how much I say it, they ain’t hearin’ my voice
‘Cause as long as them crackers payin’, you ain’t much of a choice
And you can shoot a million Js, you’ll prolly never be Jordan
N**** ran for a million yards, you still forty acres short

JID, ‘Skegee’

Before dropping the track, he went on Instagram to say, “Dear everyone who fuck wit my music, Thank y’all for your patience while I finish up my album and shit. We all know black history is every month but I wanted to drop something to highlight this month specifically.” 

‘Skegee’ is short for Tuskegee, a city in Alabama and a Historical Black College (HBCU) that JID was recruited for. He starts off all three verses of the track as well as opens the music video referencing a 1942 poem by Edgar A. Guest and raps, “Take a chance, have faith, my lad/ You got all of the same tools all the greats have had/ Two eyes, two ears, one mouth, two hands.” While the poem is meant to uplift people, what it fails to realize is that equality does not equal equity. The disenfranchisement and systemic racism of Black people in America puts them at a disadvantage to everyone, regardless of the tools that are “available” to everyone. JID goes into detail and gives insight on what life as a Black man has been like for him.

From hands that tied ropes on necks in red states
Another dead black-ass man, I need a damn break
They never gave us a chance, I had to take it
I need all the payments, for every day we suffered all the hatred
I want my granny to shoot the hands with Nancy Reagan
I want emancipation

JID, ‘Skegee’

JID masterfully alludes to prominent Black historical figures, activists, and artists in the track. Even if you dissect every sentence, with each listen, you’ll find something new. The song is as powerful and poignant as it is heavy and heartbreaking. But the truth stands: Black History in America isn’t only about “having a dream” of unity. It’s all the disgusting things Black people have gone through and are still going through to this day. It’s absolutely worth the listen and watch. Stream JID’s ‘Skegee’ and find the video below for yourself.