The Nations Launches New Label broke. With Stacked Compilation ‘Dime a Dozen’

The Nations’ new label broke. has officially arrived with their first compilation. The platform promises to be “For Creators, By Creators” allowing the use of their music royalty-free. Dime A Dozen sets a high bar for the new venture with 15 tracks from some of the hottest artists out. Just a Gent & rando kick it off with a dreamy, sun-filled, moving gem titled ‘wake up.’ capshun & PRYZMS collide on ‘Sense’ for a gritty yet bouncy banger that’s sure to go off in DJ sets. Looking for an emotional rollercoaster? Juuku has covered with ‘Numb.’ Lenny, SL!DE & MCTR have been killing it in the underground and ‘Enigma’ proves why all three are next up. Tribal influence, pounding percussion, and bone-rattling bass are layered for an epic trap banger. And that’s just a sample of the buffet of new tracks on Dime A Dozen. The project also features hélix x Skypierr, Osias x Ivoryghost, Matstubs, and more.

Check out Dime A Dozen below and lookout for broke.