The Best EDM Tracks To Make Your Week Better: TFMOM Released “Not November” & “System Obsolete Agape Sub”

You have two new releases to help you dive deep into music and enjoy every beat of it. TFMOM, the Christian DJ, producer, and rapper, real name John Hairston, recently dropped two stunning bodies of work, “Not November” and “System Obsolete Agape Sub.” The releases come after other beautiful EDM bangers of TFMOM titled “Pink Lemonade,” “Rise Up,” and “Christus Magnus.” What makes the new releases unique and special is their unique vibe. “Not November” and “System Obsolete Agape Sub” are wiser interpretations of psychological aspects through sound. They are more advanced in sound design and production, making the energy they spread flow freely and reach the audience’s hearts instantly. The sounds melt into your soul, taking you on an exciting and beautiful sonic journey.