Taylor Rooks’ Risqué Photos Send Social Media Into Complete Meltdown

Taylor Rooks risqué outfit has X/Twitter in a chokehold.

On Thursday (April 11), Rooks shared her GQ Creativity Awards ensemble on Instagram. Taylor was outfitted in a shimmery, forest green dress bedazzled in emeralds and rainforest topaz. Additional glistening jewels adorn the garment’s torso. Rook’s nails were painted a nude-beige color, accenting the earthy tone of her dress. However, per social media, the garment’s see-through properties took the look to the next level. 

The sheer fabric revealed portions of Rooks’ chest in the light, and social media couldn’t contain itself. Comments ranged from uplifting to downright unhinged. Think of the classic Tex Avery Show. The one with the beautiful woman and the dog that finds her so attractive that he can’t help but do the most deranged things to express how beautiful she is? Yeah, the reactions were along those lines. 

“Taylor, please come home. The kids missed you dearly,” one comment read. “I understand why athletes get in front of Taylor Rooks and start lying. If I sat down with her, I’d spend 30 minutes telling her how I’m an Autobot,” another account quipped. 

“Those pictures of Taylor Rooks going around right now just made me walk out of work and sit down to collect myself,” another person joked. “Havana Gingers trending because of that Taylor Rooks pic warms my soul…them areolas are so perfect,” another account thirsted like water was unavailable. 

“The algorithm must think I really love that Taylor Rooks video because I’ve seen it on the timeline seven different times now and all I can is ‘You got me,’” another post seemingly joked. “I was wondering why folks was talking about Taylor Rooks and areola size….until I came across that video and it all then came together like a puzzle,” someone else typed with an Usher gif attached. Touché y’all, touché.

But it wasn’t all unhinged. Some people simply discussed how beautiful they think Taylor is. Women also showed the reporter love for loving herself. “Taylor Rooks is on my shortlist of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen,” a woman typed. “Taylor Rooks knew we all needed a palette cleanse from this week and she delivered! More proof that not all heroes wear capes! Some wear green dresses!,” another account proclaimed

Elsewhere, Taylor Rooks recently launched a podcast with fellow sports journalist Joy Taylor. The pair of women announced the program, Two Personal, in February. Rooks and Taylor stressed that the show wouldn’t be based on sports. Instead, the show will be based on having honest conversations from the point of view of two successful Black women. 

“I believe that we have not been given the space to talk about things outside of sports, whereas other people have. Specifically, men can have entire shows where they literally talk about what kind butts they like,” Rooks said in the teaser footage. “They talk about the kind of women they like. They talk about the men that they hate. By name. And women have not been given the space to just speak. Now granted… We would not do any of those things. But its the fact that we haven’t had the place to even have an opportunity to do those things… I like that this show will be about us hearing another.”

The two Taylors release new episodes of Two Personal every Wednesday.