Deion Sanders “Hasn’t Digested” Daughter Deiondra Sanders’ Pregnancy Just Yet

Deion Sanders “hasn’t digested” his daughter Deiondra Sanders‘ pregnancy just yet. 

People reports that the NFL Hall of Famer is having difficulty accepting that he’ll be a first-time grandpa. Sanders was blunt in his assessment, stating that “not one thing” is thrilling about his new grandfather status. “Neon” Deion admitted that he is “proud” of his daughter for “waiting.” However, he wants to make sure that Deiondra is mentally prepared to become a mother. 

“I’m proud of my baby that she at least waited until her thirties to give me this gift of life,” the Colorado Buffaloes head coach said. “I’m happy about that, but I want to make sure she’s straight emotionally and psychologically as well.”

Deiondra Sanders announced her pregnancy to the world in March. She posted a reenactment video to her Instagram, documenting her journey to getting pregnant. The clip featured a lengthy caption, inviting her followers into the “why” behind the unexpected journey. The eldest daughter made one thing clear in her message: she is not having this baby “to keep a man.” With all that she has been through, Sanders asserted that her pregnancy is much deeper to her. 

“Even though this was not planned nor expected, this is still something God allowed to happen,” she began. “I’m not having my baby to keep a man. I am having my baby for all the times I was told I wouldn’t be able to. I’m having my baby for the 4 myomectomy surgeries I have had. I am having my baby for all the years I stayed on birth control even though it gave me breast tumors. I’m having my baby for all the Doctors that told me I wouldn’t make it out the first trimester.

“I’m having a baby for the 7 current fibroids that surrounds my uterus to this day. I’m having a baby for all the high risk moms that was scared everyday thinking they would miscarry. I’m keeping my baby for the 3 Months I continued to bleed everyday after I found out I was pregnant. I’m having this baby to give hope to all the other women that may be in my situation. No matter what Doctor’s say, GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY! The miracle growing in me is not just a coincidence but a divine blessing. Welcome to my pregnancy journey.”

Deion Sanders and Jacquees both hopped in the comment section with words of support. Sanders showed love to his daughter while joking about being too young to be a grandfather. The former Dallas Cowboy also echoed his daughter’s sentiment that she didn’t need a baby to keep a man. 

“PREACH BABY PREACH, and u having this baby to make me a darn GRANDDADDY even though I’m YOUNG! ??????????? I Love u baby and I’m glad u said u ain’t having a baby to keep a man. You’ve always had a MAN in your life that u call DADDY & ain’t gon ever ever let u DOWN especially when I’m UP.”

The R&B crooner gave praise and love to God for the next chapter in their relationship. Jacq took the time to assert that he will be there for her and that he “loves” Deiondra. “I love you and I got you. BLESSINGS OTW ??❤️ THANK YOU JESUSSSS ?❤️”