SweetTooth Makes Circus Records EP Debut With 'Corvus Memoirs' – FUXWITHIT

Since exploding onto the scene with the ever-present yet never stale ‘Impending Doom,’ SweetTooth has demonstrated that his ability to make a hit is not a one-off. Consistently pushing a heavy dubstep sound that often edges on the side of riddim, the LA-based artist has since seen a steady growth in following largely due to his infectious sound.

Finding a welcome home for his sound with Circus Records, SweetTooth looks to further this constant ascent with the release of his impressive¬†Corvus Memoirs EP. True to the title of the project, ‘Anthem Of The Corvus’ begins with a haunting, Game Of Thrones-esque crow caw that instils chills within listeners. The rest of the track is a repeated pummelling of gruelling bass stabs perfect for any dubstep fan, and this theme only continues to remain present throughout the project. Each track offers a unique taste of SweetTooth’s style, with one common trend: raw, unadulterated heaviness. Don’t miss Corvus Memoirs below.