sumthin sumthin Showcases a 'Division' of Light and Dark via Jadu Dala – FUXWITHIT

In life, some things are made to go together. They can exist on their own, but it almost doesn’t make sense to see one without the other. A natural fit the universe has declared a perfect match. Peanut butter and jelly, for example, or salt and pepper. The underground and FUXWITHIT. Today, it’s the pairing of Jadu Dala with sumthin sumthin. Both powerhouses individually, but when brought together there is a promised brilliance to be presented. sumthin sumthin had his first release, ‘Gryme’, with the imprint over two years ago, and seeing his name return on multiple occasions has been more than pleasant to witness. Being able to possess a balance of light and darkness within his work, sumthin sumthin unleashes ‘Division’ out now via Jadu Dala.

Division is the act or process of separating or being separated into parts. A fitting title for the latest sumthin sumthin project. Normally when hearing this word, it is likely that math is the first thought that comes to mind. If you allow that to dissolve and the frequencies of sumthin sumthin to surround you, he puts it on a direct presentation in the form of audio. The beginning phase hits all of the grungy elements with flickers of light fighting to shine through. After crossing over into the second half, the energy is softer and more delicate. While the chaotic energy wrestles with that of orderly liveliness, the track balances out the two evenly. ‘Division’ showcases the most polished style of sumthin sumthin and can be heard in full below.

This track represents my evolution so far as an artist. Each section of this track is an homage to the different styles I’ve gravitated towards throughout the years, from heavy basses to a more melodic structure. Like other tunes of mine, I’m again trying to convey both dark & and light energies into a single track.


Jadū Dala · sumthin sumthin – Division (JADŪ172)