Sumthin Sumthin Conveys Vulnerability With Latest 'Trauma' – FUXWITHIT

Conrad Woodul, also known by his Sumthin Sumthin pseudonym, has been steadily captivating the ears of all who are blessed to listen to his music for years now. Climbing the ladder of success hand-over-fist, he’s had nothing but W’s in his corner, especially of late. With an official remix of Zeds Dead‘s ‘Just Wanna‘, and a collaboration with one of the dons of trap, Great Dane, he’s shown time and time again that he can hang with the best in the business. Now, he’s opening up to his fan base about his own personal struggles with the release of his latest piece ‘Trauma’, a feat that doesn’t come easy to many.

Softly welcoming you into its warm sonic embrace, ‘Trauma’, from its opening notes, invites you to let your guard down and shed your skin from the worry of judgement. Placing you on equal footing with everyone else captivated in that current moment, you are reminded of the reality that we all share events in our lives that shape us to be who we are, good and bad. Social media has become a home for sharing our successes, and masking our shortcomings or hiding our failures. With pieces like ‘Trauma’, we are told through sound that it’s okay to be vulnerable, and it’s certainly alright to talk about the hard times with those we hold dear. Captivating, calming, and completely carefree, this is the perfect song to destress and unwind to, shame and apprehension emotions for another time and place. With the current state of the world, it’s so important to be reminded that it’s okay to be human. We all make mistakes, and not a single one of us is perfect. ‘Trauma’ affords you a space for introspection and self-analyzation, an incredibly powerful tool that can offer major benefits for all who listen. Check out the gorgeous soundscape of ‘Trauma’ for yourself below!