Stay Up 'All Nite' As You Explore ELOQ's World Of Pure Creativity – FUXWITHIT

August Fenger who is also commonly referred to as ELOQ is a name familiar with across the globe. Through his drive to share his distinctive style which intertwines elements of future bass, pop, house and even a hint of tropical house to brighten up those summer days, it is clear that ELOQ’s musical influences are limitless. From being nominated at the Danish DJ Awards to even playing at iconic locations in Tel Aviv and Brazil, this eclectic producer’s diverse musical background enables his listeners around the world to connect to his music on a more personal note. Welcoming the first release on Japan’s very own Sushi Records, ELOQ is convincing his listeners to stay up All Nite as they explore his world of pure creativity with a side of irresistible sound mechanisms.

With the first single ‘All Nite’ paying homage to the EP name, you already know ELOQ is lining up something special with this one. Beginning with enticing vocals which are played on rewind, ELOQ’s impeccable sound design becomes apparent as groove-laden drums, vibrant synths and a series of electrifying frequencies bring out a calming presence to this deep house infused single.

Lightening up our darkest days is easy for ELOQ as he provides a immersive audio experience right through our speakers with the drop of ‘Close 2 Me.’ A bass boosted introduction blended immaculately with echoing vocals leads the single into a constant flow of beautiful piano chords which instill hope in his listeners that everything is going to be alright in the end. As ELOQ’s musical camouflages become even stronger with the heart-warming melody, listeners are greeted by high-spirited percussion’s which channel this producer’s ability to craft any masterpiece he puts his heart into.

With the release of his innovative two-track EP, it is safe to say ELOQ has provided listeners what they want and what they did not know they needed during quarantine season. Don’t forget to grab your free download of All Nite here.