Silva Impresses With Debut EP 'Motions' [Interview] – FUXWITHIT

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Silva has embodied the quality over quantity motto over the last few years that we’ve been following him. From a relatively quiet social media presence, to letting tracks breathe upon their release, the talented producer has grown into a unique sound that he can call his own, consistently straddling the lines between future bass, trap and hip hop.

This build up of singles has now led the artist to a pivotal point in his creative career; the release of his first project, Motions. Spanning five-tracks and a multitude of genres, Silva has put his stamp on the scene with this brief yet powerful release. From the hypnotizing ‘orchid’ released back in April that encapsulates this genre-defying essence, to the softer, vocal-driven ‘Ripple’ with Vendulka, Silva weaves his way between majestic soundscapes and engulfing blankets of bass effortlessly, creating an enthralling listening experience from start to finish. Motions is one of the coolest projects of the year that is likely to fall under many radars, so we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We also had the pleasure of connecting with Silva to discuss the ins and outs of Motions, so dive into the EP while getting insight into his creative process below!

Congrats on the big release! How long has Motions been in the works?

Motions has been in the works since the start of the year! It was a huge goal of mine to release an EP by the end of the year, so since January I have been working on various ideas of different genres and since September I have been narrowing down my favourite ideas which would work best as a cohesive blend. The selection/ elimination process was also hugely influenced by the ideology of how I wanted to theme the EP. 

What was the process like behind the project? Did you create each individual track before deciding they would fit nicely into an EP, or was the idea for the EP constructed beforehand?

Mentioned earlier, it was really tough blending/eliminating the tracks! A few of the tracks in the EP could have potentially been for completely different releases/ideas, but I slowly tweaked them wherever I felt need be to suit to the theme of the EP. 

Do you have a favourite track from Motions? If so, which one and why?

That’s actually a really tricky question! I would have to say ‘orchid.’ It was the first song I made for the EP, and it really built and inspired a lot of the fundamental ideas for the project. For example it was a huge turn in experimenting with new sounds which opened a heap of doors for me creatively and gave me a huge sense of direction. 

What were some of the driving influences behind the project, be it musically or beyond?

Wow where do I start! Musically over the last two years I have been super inconsistent with various genres and different interpretations on how I see music. Over the last few months I feel I have really found a balance and settled into my own path. I named the EP “motions” because it reflects on the different pathways that I took that helped influence the core emotion behind each track. I have entwined subtle elements from all of the various genres that have sparked my creativity and drive.

There are no collaborations with other producers on Motions. Was this intentional? What does having a body of work to call entirely your own mean to you?

Not collaborating with many other producers in the past has been completely intentional. This is mainly due to the fact that previously I have been very used to finishing, mixing and mastering my tracks on my own. For me this was a huge goal of mine to finish an EP and it really does mean a lot to me. Finishing this EP has seriously made me want to start more collaborations and blend with other like-minded artists. 

Working with Vendulka was amazing – her voice is so unique and the lyrics/timbre her voice really resonates with me. Shoutout to Vendulka!

Now that this project is out, are collaborations on the horizon? Your guest mix for us had a few unreleased collabs, are there plans for those to see the light of day?

Will there be collaborations on the horizon? 100%.

I am having more fun working on tracks with other artists at the moment then I almost ever have before and I really can’t wait to release them.