Sexyy Red Isn’t Revealing Her Baby Daddy’s Identity Any Time Soon: “Mind Your F**king Business”

After wrapping up an unforgettable performance at Rolling Loud Cali, Sexyy Red revealed to Billboard why she has decided to keep the identity of the father of her child under wraps, especially after making countless songs about him.

“Cause I don’t need anyone in my business — like why you want to be so nosy? Mind your f**king business,” she told the interviewer when asked about the mystery man.

The “Pound Town” rapper recently gave birth to her second child and posed for pictures with her partner during a baby shower, although she blurred out his face.

Pregnancy never stopped the St. Louis star from getting her bag, as she toured with Drake while expecting. Doing her best to keep her baby bump concealed, she opened up about how she kept the news to herself.

“When nobody knew I was pregnant, I’d be in the back room like tryna suck my stomach in or wear clothes to show that I wasn’t pregnant,” she told the Billboard for their January 2024 digital cover. “And I had to practice my breathing — like before I’d go on stage, I had to hold my stomach in and look at myself and be like, ‘Can they tell?’ Once I just was like, ‘Okay I can’t keep hiding it ’cause it hurt to just be on stage all day holding your stomach in.’ So I’m like, ‘Just forget about it.’”

She added, “I was pregnant on the Drake tour and the Moneybagg tour but nobody knew. People started suspecting it on the Drake tour because there was videos and pictures of me coming out. That’s the only reason I was hiding it because I just wanted me and my family and friends to know.”

Upon delivery, Red took to Instagram immediately showing her sitting on the delivery bed waiting to be discharged.

“Me waitin to get discharged from the hospital so I can hit da block wit da guys,” she wrote before following up with another post captioned, “Sexyy Mama back bthc.”