Seekay’s New Collaboration With Chloe Titled “Wiser” Is Out To Steal Your Heart

When a devoted producer meets the artist and the right chemistry takes place, nothing can stop them from creating beauty. The same happened with London-based Australian producer Seekay and talented artist Chloe. They released many projects together, each filled with creative energy and dedication. Their latest releases “Hold” and “Fall” made headlines worldwide very fast, making it clear that the audience loves them two, creating together. Recently Seekay announced a new collaboration with Chloe titled “Wiser. ” 

The track is sophisticated to the core, deep and intimate. Seekay once again takes us to the dreamy world of his unreal soundscapes, and Chloe’s vocals give a touch of otherworldly; her voice is enchanting. Seekay does everything to point out her vocals’ special depth and uniqueness and creates the sonic vision we can’t get enough of, filled with epic bass undertones, impressive drops here and there, bold production choices, and musical experiments.