Sasha Rome and Lavera Drop Sultry 'Communicate' – FUXWITHIT

Sasha Rome is back with ‘Communicate’ featuring Lavera and we are absolutely living for it. The last time we talked about the Brooklyn beatmaker, he dropped an epic future bass tune ‘Meridian’ with HYPERDAZE. But this newest release sticks more to his funky, indie-soul sound and honestly, it’s sexy as fuck.

LaVera and I previously worked together on our single ‘I’ll Never Be The Same’ and I knew her silky smooth vocals would fit well over this funky house beat I made. The track started with the arp which I built a drum beat around, and then for the chorus I jammed on the funky chord stabs until I got a rhythm that made me dance. After that I added the guitar licks to wrap it up. It’s one of my simplest yet favorite guitar riffs because it just fits in the pocket so well and really plays off the groove.


Lavera leads the track with her angelic vocals, only highlighted by Sasha Rome’s impeccable groovy production. The singer also gave us some insight on the meaning of the lyrics saying, “So I’m ironically really good at communication, but sometimes I get really bad social anxiety, so that’s more or less what that’s about. Just not wanting to deal with people and all of their bullshit that they tend to carry with them. I love meeting and connecting with people but sometimes it’s exhausting. So to summarize, the song is about shutting people out, and choosing not to deal with the world. And [about]how I’d rather stay up in my own little world where I don’t have to deal with people and can control my own environment.”