Noname Sheds Light in 'Rainforest' – FUXWITHIT

People don’t like social media because of the drama, the politics, and the toxicity. But in recent years, I’ve found it a super helpful tool to stay informed without mainstream media skewing the news. The radicalization of Noname through fans’ education on Twitter has been a sight to see. And it just proves all the good that can come from opening a dialogue. Since then, she’s started her very own book club to help give back and educate others and has become a strong voice in leftist politics. On top of her many contributions, for Black History Month, Noname dropped ‘Rainforest,’ and enlisted the help of one of our favorite producers right now, The Kount.

Talkin’ to Muhammed like, “N***** don’t really trust us”
Dyin’ on stolen land for a dollar like that ain’t fucked up
It’s fuck they money, I’ma say it every song
Until the revolution come and all the feds start runnin’
Fuck a Good Will Hunting, this is brand new murder
Revolutionary suicide, then close the curtain


The track touches on several topics. The main being rainforests, which are dying due to deforestation. She goes onto challenge the listener to think deeper. One of the effects of capitalism and “the American dream” is everyone thinking there’s a chance to achieve it. Noname, asks in the hook, “How you get closer to love?/ How you lemonade all your sadness when you openin’ up?/ How you make excuses for billionaires, you broke on the bus?” The rapper and activist also goes onto reference revolutionary readings, showing us knowledge is power… especially in times like these. Listen to the song below and join the discussion.