Purporangejuice Slides Through With Tasteful 'Purporange' – FUXWITHIT

Purporangejuice is an experimental lo-fi producer based out of Pasadena, CA, whose music is as unique as his name. Listen to any one of his tracks and you will be transported into a world of smooth, atmospheric tunes that exists on its own, separated by boundaries of sound. With his signature sound, Purporangejuice returns, releasing with Warpaint Records, with the aptly named, ‘Purporange.’

‘Purporange’ wastes no time, starting with a quick build up, you are sent into a sea of waving synths pushed onwards by a thick, grooving beat with very worldly drums and percussion that give the track a sense of a future beat. The entire arrangement in ‘Purporange’ is extremely well done, as purporangejuice is constantly giving you something new to listen to as the beat keeps you in line with the twirling synths and glitchy, modular sounds. There’s a lot of little complexities that make this track so original and great, so hats off to purporangejuice and be sure to watch him for more.

Check out ‘Purporange’ below.

purporangejuice. · Purpleorange