PREMIERE: Whereisalex Drops Dreamy Remix for Kilamanzego's 'Anxiety' – FUXWITHIT

When two FUXWITHIT favorites collaborate, you know you’re in for a treat. And today, we’re excited to be giving you exactly that. FUXWITHIT readers are getting the exclusive first listen to the Whereisalex remix for Kilamanzego’s ‘Anxiety’—which is only one of the tracks included in the full remix album that’s dropping tomorrow. (Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this.)

Back in December, Kilamanzego released the experimental track, ‘Anxiety.’ The original song starts off soothingly, but leads into a glitchy, wonky drop, perfectly summing up how anxiety can hit at any moment. Whereisalex gives his softer take, utilizing naturesque sounds to support the tune’s dreamy, celestial melodies.

We’ve been keeping a close record on everything both of these artists have been doing lately, and it’s clear they continue to innovate and push the envelope in dance music. Last month, we even dropped a guest mix and interview with Whereisalex. Maybe it’s time to spotlight the GOAT, Kilamanzego? Let us know what you think, but until then, make sure to listen to Whereisalex’s rendition of Kilamanzego’s ‘Anxiety’ below!

Kilamanzego · Kilamanzego – Anxiety (Whereisalex Remix) [FUXWITHIT PREMIERE]