Focus Five: Volume 38 – FUXWITHIT

38 Volumes deep and we’re just getting started. Focus Five is back with a wide array of talents you need to get familiar with. We’ve got a mysterious new experimental artist, a wild bass duo from British Columbia, a French producer keeping things crazy unique, the next wave of UKG, and a Chicagoan fusing future beats and trap just the way that we like. Check them all out below.


Ok seriously, who TF is this person!? Appearing out of seemingly nowhere and dropping unrelenting banger after banger, Cure97 burst onto the scene with a veteran sound that has firmly gripped the attention of everyone that’s stumbled across their work. Their SoundCloud profile shows their location as “Planet Mars,” and that honestly couldn’t be more on the money. Breaking you down at a subatomic level with massive, diverse heaters like ‘307’, an ABSURD take on Kanye West’s ‘Mercy’, and most recently his dual-track drop with ‘AM/FM’, they’ve got an eccentric style that will surely be gobbled up ravenously by a wide range of bass music aficionados. Shrouded in a masterful fog of mystery while simultaneously flaunting undeniable prowess is no small feat, but one that they’ve pulled off with considerable success already. Easily this writer’s current favorite sub-1k follower count artist on SoundCloud, they’ll be one I’ll be keeping a keen eye on for the foreseeable future. Check out these example tracks, you 100% won’t be disappointed đŸ™‚

oh! gee

When I think of the Vancouver-based bass duo called oh! gee, I often think back to a promo for Rob Da Bank’s show on the BBC – “a random sprinkling of NOISE.” While not random, Christian Ashe & Renaud Vauterin do indeed employ a crazy combination of sounds in their wild, off-kilter and often trap-tinged productions. Whether they’re using actual drums or just hitting whatever they see, oh! gee’s percussion always slaps. Much like fellow Canadian (and FUX favourite) thook, these two are pioneers of percussion, bushwacking through the backwoods of bass in search of the sickest new sounds. Equally infectious, their bass is so virulent that you’ll do more than get down to their tracks, you’ll wither away into a puddle of goo. Don’t believe me? It’s just simple ‘Physics.’ Puns aside, oh! gee are already off to a killer 2021 with a foursome of equally brilliant and brutal bangers in originals ‘Gucci Whistle,’ Bitch Lasagna,’ ‘We Aint Playin‘ and ‘Perfect Noise.’


The most entertaining part of following young artists is accompanying them on their journey to finding their unique sound. Despite having a knack for creating quality productions, artists often find themselves trying many different things before discovering something that resonates with them. A prime example of this is France-based qwaston, who currently has a track titled ‘an attempt at future house’ on his SoundCloud, but who has dabbled mostly in dubstep. However, his most impressive tune to date is a hyper pop-meets-future riddim beast titled ‘ride&back&home,’ recently released via Halcyon’s Enchanted Vol. 1 compilation. Aside from the above description, there aren’t much words that can describe this incredible tune, as it is truly a one-of-a-kind piece, and it’s the main reason we’re putting our stamp of approval on qwaston before he inevitably becomes a key player in the electronic music scene. With his latest remix of ‘dog bus’ further demonstrating this unparalleled ingenuity in the realm of dubstep, everyone should be keeping a very close eye on qwaston.


One coincidence is just a coincidence, two coincidences are a clue, three coincidences are proof, tells the famous quote. When I first featured Zefer back in December, the fact that he was part of Steppers Club didn’t mean too much in the general picture. Although, now that I’m featuring another member of this rising UKG collective, I’d say that we have in our hands a concrete clue that these guys are up to something interesting. Getting familiar with Sensa will just convince you that you need to investigate this affair further. Living and breathing in Bristol, he is one of the brilliant members of the new generation of UKG producers that are taking the scene by storm (more about that at the end of next month). Every production signed by Sansa is always a major vibe. In addition to tight groove textures and extra bouncy basslines that are the backbone of the genre, he always manages to come up with the right elements (vocal sample, instrument, doesn’t matter) that make the songs extremely catchy. Original, charming and extremely entertaining, Sansa repertoire has literally invaded both my listening and dancefloor playlists.


I’m not sure why I’ve been sleeping on vincebyvince but his collaboration ‘ZONKERS!’ with ethanplus woke me up quick. Released via Great Dane’s ADBC records, it truly lives up to its name. Bursting with fun-filled vibes, never taking itself too seriously, while also bringing the bounce, it’s the trap slap you need to liven up up your life. Diehard ADBC fans may recognize vince from his vibey cut ‘Ghoulish’ off of Haloween Heaters III. The air of mystique and laidback grooves are perfect for late-night listening sessions. If you’re in the mood for a lighter feel that still brings the vibes be sure to peep ‘Deep Dive.’ The catchy melody will have you floating while the bass carries you away. These 3 tracks are just a quick sample of what vincebyvince’s SoundCloud has to offer. Take a deeper dive yourself to uncover all the gems.

Words by Alessio, Alex, Colin, Oggie & Steph.