PREMIERE: Smoakland & SuperAve Nourish Nefarious Noise With 'No Good' – FUXWITHIT

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you’ve heard the names Smoakland and SuperAve floated feverishly around the bass music realms, excitement and childhood glee twinkling in the eyes of all that mention their names. With an emphasis on bone-crushing low-end and stylistically bouncy creations that make your body vibrate viciously at a subatomic level, these youthful artists still early into their production careers have already made a firm claim at being some of the most impressive up-and-comers in the entire industry. Now, Smoakland has taken all their accumulated experience and growth and wrapped it all up into their debut Modern Throwback LP, a 10 track thoroughfare of absolutely monumental proportions out on The Gradient Perspective. The third track in this immaculate body of work is ‘No Good’ with SuperAve, and we’ve had the great pleasure of premiering it right here on FUXWITHIT.

If there ever was a polar opposite title for a track, it’s definitely ‘No Good.’ Proudly displaying sound design that delicately romps through your ear canals while simultaneously pulling no punches, you’ll be left in a state of complete euphoria, bliss being the only thing your consciousness will be able to comprehend. If you’ve ever wondered what taking a bath in sound waves feels like, put this bad boy on and soak up the vibrations as they pour over your entire existence to your heart’s content. The vocals of “You’re no good for me, I don’t need nobody” courtesy of Prodigy’s ‘No Good’ are sprinkled throughout the piece and dance around your headphones courtesy of the ridiculous panning included within, a testament to the immense quality of this piece and the progress both parties have had in their individual journeys. If you want a track that will elevate your mood so sharply that you’re left compelled to bop around your house like your life depended on it, this is that track. You’ll be left feeling like a “strong, independent woman that don’t need no man”, or you might even throw on ‘All The Single Ladies’ next, who knows.

‘No Good’ is just one tenth of Modern Throwback, and if you were wondering, the entire rest of the album is of the utmost quality as well. Sporting eclectic bangers like ‘1975’, which rightly sports a Led Zeppelin intro, ‘Wooly’, a sexy groovefest of grime featuring the ever-impressive Molokai, a massive DNB banger in the form of ‘God’s Gift’, and the excessively saucy ‘Set You Free,’ this body of work is nothing to be trifled with, and is assuredly deserving of a full rinse in order from start to finish. All aboard the hype train ya’ll, these boys have a one-way express ticket to the top, and this is only the beginning of the adventure. Smoakland have been one of our favorite groups here at FUXWITHIT for some time now, and the success that they’ve had in such a short amount of time is incredible and wholeheartedly deserved. We’re avidly excited to see what the future of the group beholds, but for now, check out ‘No Good’ and the rest of the Modern Throwback LP for yourself below!