PREMIERE: Rome In Silver & Bonnema Give A Modern Bass Twist To 'Clint Eastwood' – FUXWITHIT

Remixing a modern classic is never an easy feat, and more often than not ruins the integrity and soul of the original composition. It takes a great amount of talent and confidence to try to do justice to tracks that are familiar to everyone, but when done properly, can result in an anthem. As artists who never miss the mark, nobody is better suited to take on the legendary ‘Clint Eastwood‘ by the Gorillaz than Rome in Silver and Bonnema, offering their superb take on the genre-defying classic and turning it into a bass bop.

While Rome in Silver is hot off of his lighthearted, feels-inducing Like Lightning EP, Bonnema has been lurking in the shadows, nonchalantly releasing consistent heat in the depths of the underground and working on perfecting his eclectic sound. In their ‘Clint Eastwood’ remix that we are ecstatic to be premiering, the two producers stay true to the essence of the original through the use of the oh-so familiar chorus in the introduction, but revamp the instrumentals to give it an ominous late-night grunge. The 100 BPM heater quickly builds to a bass-laden drop highlighted by crisp sound design, pristine percussion and an oddly soothing hum, giving midtempo a refreshing touch in an over-saturated market. The second half of the remix is just as enthralling, with added liveliness and dynamism contributing to the punchy piece.

Rome in Silver and Bonnema are a match made in heaven. Don’t miss their ‘Clint Eastwood’ remix below.