PREMIERE: Ravenscoon & UHNK Boast Bass Superiority With 'Sandman' – FUXWITHIT

2 of the brightest young minds in the bass music community of late, Ravenscoon and UHNK, have both had landmark years for their careers in the past 12 months. Between the unveiling of Ravenscoon’s Mind, and UHNK’s DIY Reality, both have staked firm claims as some of the top upcoming production talent in the game. Utilizing crafty, dense bass lines that feel fully-encompassing and acapellas so saucy Chef Boyardee would have something to say about them, these dynamic artists are leagues and bounds ahead of the curve. Now, they’ve pooled their insatiable collective creative juices to bring the world ‘Sandman,’ a piece that jumps out at the listener live and direct from their speaker systems.

The initial dive into ‘Sandman’ greets the listener with a foreboding, staticky air. This is the first sign that shit is absolutely about to hit the fan. A dark, disembodied voice greets you, letting you know they are the master of this realm, and you are but a lowly visitor in their playground. This sense that the listener is but a mere peasant or pawn in a game is readily apparent, as this piece encompasses one’s entire consciousness, gripping it by the throat and commanding singularly-focused attention. The first drop is a torrential downpour of grimey basslines that are the sonic opposite of a Pringles can, with every square inch of space filled to the brim with full-bodied bass-fueled rumbles. The last drop is an immaculate switch-up aided by vocal chops and earthquake-inducing low end that shakes everything in the vicinity at a subatomic level. To say that this piece will do irreparable damage on a full-scale sound system is a vast understatement, as when festivals start up again this track will be eviscerating ears to immaculate delight. If you’re in the mood for some dubby, wubby madness, look no further. Check out ‘Sandman’ for yourself below, and see the full visual presentation here!