PREMIERE: msft. Explores New Paths With 'Breg' – FUXWITHIT

With hundreds of new tracks released every week (or even in the same day, in the case you are Excision’s new label), out there there truly is music for everyone’s taste. That’s why I don’t understand all those people who keep asking their idols to bring back their “old” style, or to “go back to their roots.” This kind of obsessive desire, or “need,” to have their favourite artists on the same creative loop forever is one of the biggest plagues in the music world (and I guess in the art sphere in general) in my opinion. What’s better than grow alongside your muses in an everlasting dynamic relationship? It brings risks, of course. It’s more than normal that one’s sensitivity evolves over time and it may happen that the visions no longer match at some point. This is life. What you’ve shared up to that point will never fade away.

Fortunately, the one I have with Alessandro aka msft. is an (artist-fan) relationship that has been doing great for several years now and keeps improving with each release. That’s why I’m super happy to be here, writing about another step further in his artistic journey. We’re not talking about radical swings. ‘Breg’ won’t be strange to you if you’re used to his style. However, if you’re a fan, you will surely have noticed that, over the course of this 2020, his sound has progressively moved towards more aggressive directions, adding a certain amount of roughness to his typical sharp sounds and obsessive attention to sound design. During a brief chat about this release, he actually confirmed this trend. “This evolution (not revolution) of my sound is something that I sought a lot. I pushed myself to try to explore new territories and new solutions

‘Breg’ embodies this speech perfectly. Between tight beats, an angry groove and piercing synths, dubstep echoes are definitely strong within these 3 and half minutes. The final blend is much more sophisticated and unique than an average dubstep track. The drop, for example, cannot be considered a wall of sound. It’s a damn mosaic, with a crazy amount of layers that slot in together like in an intricated Lego construction. I think I’ve played ‘Breg’ a dozen times both in my headphones and on my monitors, spotting each time new tiny little elements. As they say, the devil is in the details. However, besides the catalyzing drops, what is also really important to notice here, is how this time msft. has handled the other sections of the song. One of the few limits of his productions was definitely the lack of consistency outside the drop zone. Usually, his productions tended to suddenly die out after the energy peak of the drop, breaking the mood. With ‘Breg’ instead, msft. has successfully created the “wave effect,” linking all the sections of the track in a homogeneous flow that keep the listener entertained until the very last second.

What do you think? Are you a fan of ‘Bregg’ and this new msft. direction? If so, grab that free download.

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