PREMIERE: FRQ NCY Crafts A Colorful World Of Peace With 'Appearances' – FUXWITHIT

FRQ NCY has been a memorable name throughout the underground. His massive discography of filthy sound design and groundbreaking bass music in general has led him down a gorgeous path. Stopping at nothing from constantly evolving his style and vision as an icon. Time and time again, he’s proven to be one of the best and intricate artists in this scene. From killer self-releases, to partnering up with major labels such as The Pound, Bassrush, Electric Hawk and more, he’s always showcasing his latest and the greatest within each piece. But now, it’s time for a brand new chapter from this long-lasting artist.

Debuting a brand new side to his project, we are honored to premiere his newest single, ‘Appearances.’ Straight off his upcoming EP, GEMS set to release very soon! A complete change of scenery within the spectrum while still holding his signature touch. A very challenging task to accomplish. But he pulls it off with such grace. The single isn’t just a new step for him, it’s a complete showcase of how much he’s evolved as a musician as well as a human being. Proving how you always gotta try and take that leap of faith for yourself. Bringing in a new kind of relation and happiness to his audience. Letting all of us know he’s far from giving up on his golden dreams. And how he’s ready to bring in something brand new and extravagant for himself and his listeners.

I started ‘Appearances’ with the thought of creating something unique using vocal samples. It really feels like the vocal chops are the focal point of this track because of how they’re looped in from the intro. This sparked a lot of creativity for future tracks that I’ve made, not only for this EP but even recent tracks. – FRQ NCY

‘Appearances’ is a blast of soothing aromas in the form of sound. Captivating any crowd no matter how big or small. Bringing a large amount of emotions and tears swirling around your aura. This is truly a gorgeous new atmosphere for the musician. Showcasing how his professional and flexible skills can take him anywhere.

Right from the beginning, we hear a filtered-out melody and space, with shakers sounding like a garden coming into full bloom. Filled with distinct and colorful flora singing as one. Then, it opens up with a repeating vocal sample. Pitching up and down while an airy melody sets the stage for a grand performance. Taking the hands of listeners into a sheer bright and florescent field of new beginnings. As the tension starts to build and build, the hearts of many start to pound faster and faster. Knowing they’re in for a real treat. And then, it finally hits us with a blast of pure excellence.

The chorus sections throughout completely change the game. A mixture of fluent melodies, bouncy rhythmic structures, and pounding drums creates FRQ NCY’s finest work to date. Even the breakdown portions will have you completely star gazed. As if you were diving into a sea of soft frequencies. Swimming through and discovering unknown treasures. Finding a true home within each one. So if you’re looking for fresh new sound design, atmospheres and more, this is your go-to track. So make sure to go support FRQ NCY and his art by streaming ‘Appearances’ everywhere! You won’t want to miss out on his upcoming EP.

When I first thought about releasing Gems I thought I would be boxing myself into a genre or space, but that slowly turned into just wanting to release art that I feel a connection to and share it with other people no matter how different it may be from my previous projects.

I’m not sure if there’s a goal to the new side. I really think of it as an experiment to see what I can create a vision for and just keep making things that inspire me in my own way. I think it’s cool when artists show a lot of diversity and create things they enjoy in eloquent ways, and I definitely want to align myself with that.

Stream ‘Appearances’ below.