FUXWITHIT Launches Label With capshun's 'Morph' – FUXWITHIT

The time has finally come. FUXWITHIT Records has arrived! After years of dreaming our label is officially a reality. Kicking things off in the biggest way possible comes the absolutely massive new single ‘Morph’ from our homie capshun. We’ve been day one supporters of capshun’s work highlighting him as an artist to watch in our Focus Five segment back in 2018. Since then the gifted producer has been a mainstay on our site. From his guest mix to multiple premieres and a ton of write-ups, he’s a well-documented FUXWITHIT favourite.

The past 3 years have seen absolutely incredible growth and evolution for capshun. He’s moved from an under-the-radar SoundCloud producer to one of the hottest artists out. From slaying shows with Brownies & Lemonade and DEF Global to releasing with iconic labels like Sable Valley & Quality Goods Records, capshun gets bigger and better with each release.

I cannot tell you how much FUXWITHIT has done for me and how much I love the FUXWITHIT team and everything they all stand for. To be the first release feels just like a full circle experience. I’m happy to be here <3

‘Morph’ is quintessential capshun. Each bar builds an engrossing sonic world. The captivating, evocative, and uplifting energies are perfectly balanced against the menacing and brutish second drop. Each of capshun’s releases is a sonic journey and this is no different. The first half is a thing of beauty, blending organic and worldly soundscapes for a breathtaking ride. The swerve that follows might be the best part though. That second drop is raw trap in its best shape. Chest-pounding, heart-pumping, and mean-mug-inducing, ‘Morph’ will twist your emotions and body and leave you with no option but to smash the replay button.

‘Morph’ signifies how I am constantly changing and reworking who I am creatively. I am sure it’s needless to say but I love making a lot of different music. So to create something that is still me but even more than who I have been musically, kind of feels like I am morphing and transforming my creative spirit. I want everyone to feel all the different emotions on this one. The sadness, the joy, the HYPE, the anger and put it into perspective of the song.

‘Morph’ is out now on all platforms. Stream it below and be sure to grab the free download. This is our first release ever so run up the streams and tell your friends. The future ahead is bright.