PREMIERE: DAGGZ And L*O*J Smack Listeners With Brain Bending Bass On 'Power' – FUXWITHIT

In science and politics, power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. In music, power can be depicted through multiple mediums such as the strength of bass or the capability to influence emotions. It can also come in the form of a collaboration. When artists link and merge their sounds into one cohesive being, versus existing separately in the same song, the force generated is unparalleled. Giving birth to a track like this comes in the form of DAGGZ teaming with the Swiss duo L*O*J on ‘Power.’

Looking into DAGGZ, I found he currently only has one release listed on his SoundCloud profile titled ‘Free Your Mind‘ which was released via The Pound, a place for Lost Dogz to showcase non-member artists. How did these producers even link up to work together? “He emailed us very professionally and asked if we want to hop on a track with him. He sent us a couple of wips and one of them connected with us hard. That was the beginning of ‘Power’,” explains Loris of L*O*J. This collaboration carries an elegant authenticity that exhibits genuine skill. The sound design and bass manipulation executed lifts this project to the next level. In the beginning, the sample used is talking about secret societies and how power is an alternative spirituality provided to the followers of these cults. Diving into the drop, listeners are smacked through different realities of brain-bending bass.

We don’t care if you have 400 followers. If your music is dope and we have time we will work with you. That was the case with DAGGZ. He was very professional and we believe he should be a lot bigger and have a lot more followers. He is a very talented dude,” says Loris. A statement that I believe you all will be able to agree with after hearing ‘Power.’