How To Keep Music From Being Forgotten – FUXWITHIT

We’re living through the greatest time ever for music. Never before has there been as much diversity, innovation, and sheer volume of music. Although this is all good news for fans, the increasing flood of releases can at times become overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. For many, gone are the days of sitting with an album or song for months in heavy rotation, as this has been replaced by a constant stream of new music. While we are huge proponents of music discovery (it’s the core of what we do at FUXWITHIT), we recognize that this cycle of constant consumption can also lead to music becoming quickly forgotten. Songs that came out mere weeks ago can feel “old” or are soon replaced by the next week’s round of releases. Dealing with this feeling in my own life, I decided to take a step back and ask myself how we can keep music from being forgotten. I’ve come up with 5 keys ways to do so below.

Like Music

This almost seems too obvious but you’d be surprise at how often this is overlooked. Most major streaming platforms offer a like button, simply click the heart and music is added to your collection. This is by far the simplest way to not forget about a release as all you have to do is remember to regular check your likes. I personally use this on SoundCloud a ton, not only to bookmark songs I love but also to remind myself to check something new that’s popped up in my feed if I’m out and don’t have headphones or the time to properly listen. Sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution. Smash that like button.

Create Playlists

Creating playlists is a fun way to organize your favourite music and keep it from being lost in the shuffle. I curate a weekly playlist that features the best releases of the week over the past few months. This is my go-to if I don’t know exactly what I want to listen to. Playlist curation can run as deep as you’d like. You can create general playlists or get super specific creating playlists by genre, mood, overall vibe or specific elements or sounds. The possibilities are endless and not only will you have a go-to location to bump your favourite tunes, but you can create the perfect soundtrack to all the varied facets of your life. As a bonus you can even share playlists with friends or publicly on social media, flexing your tastes and helping spread your favourite artists’ music.

Download It

For modern music fans, the concept of downloading music may seem as outdated as having a landline but the benefits are real. For DJs and producers, downloading music is likely second nature but for fans, the reliance on streaming has shifted the focus away from digital downloads. A ton of underground artists release their tracks as free downloads and for those that don’t, buying music is one of the best ways to directly support artists you love, especially during these tough times. For me personally, I love downloading music and throwing it on my phone. Sure you can access streaming services almost anywhere these days but there’s something special about spending the time and effort to download music and only having a select collection that makes those tracks that you went through the trouble for extra special. In a world of seemingly limitless music options, eliminating the endless choice might be just what you need to keep your favourite tracks in steady rotation.

Put It In A Mix

If you’re an avid producer or DJ this one is likely a no-brainer but even for fans, picking up DJing as hobby or messing around on mixing software can be a great way to keep music from ever being lost. As a DJ, every mix I put together is a time capsule of some of my favourite songs of that period or that fit the specific vibe I’m creating. I can go back to a mix from a few weeks, months, or years back and rediscover gems I would have otherwise forgotten. Also mixing tracks, mashing them up or reworking them can give them a new life.

Buy Physical Music

Vinyl and cassette sales have seen double digit growth in recent time. Not only is buying physical music an incredible way to directly support artists, there’s also something special about the feeling. Being able to hold the music, appreciate the artwork, and flip through a collection only deepens your connection to the music. Having physical copies also serves as real reminder of the music you own and love. In the digital era it’s easy for albums or songs you once enjoyed to get lost in your hard drive or in the cloud. Buying psychical copies literally puts the music right in front of you.

Music isn’t like fast food, something to be quickly consumed and discarded, it’s a work of art that’s meant to be marveled at and enjoyed over time like a fine painting. Each listen can uncover new sounds, meaning and emotions. There’s something majestic about knowing a piece of music from front to back, every facet, every word; it’s a truly intimate connection. Music isn’t meant to be forgotten. I hope these tips above help to keep your favourite music alive and with you. Music discovery is a never-ending quest, but it’s essential that you take the time to truly appreciate all the gems you uncover along the way.