PREMIERE: Bad Acid Takes You On a Trip With 'Ban"ger"1' – FUXWITHIT

Born from the good that can come from a negative experience, Matt Schmidt’s Bad Acid project is all about putting a positive spin on whatever life throws at us. The Los Angeles local started off his career producing under the alias MATIK, but eventually grew out of that heavier musical aesthetic and decided to shake things up in a big way. His new approach is laser-focused, and surely heartfelt, with him stating “great things can come from bad, whether that is relayed through emotional and beautiful melodies coming from more painful sounds if you will, or trying to juxtapose arrangement ideas between beautiful and lush sections, with more dark and chaotic sections.” This idea of coming out of the dark is a great way to illustrate the arrival of his debut EP Ban”ger”s, of which we have the great pleasure of premiering the first track ‘Ban”ger”1’, right here on FUXWITHIT.

Forged from a time of sheer inspiration, ‘Ban”ger”1 came about in a single day, along with 75% of the EP as a whole, with the intent being to whip up a hearty trap banger of epic proportions. Boy, did he deliver. Echoing internalizations of concrete memories, ‘Ban”ger”1’ is a story told through sound, each note a fragment of a moment, all pieced together to weave a blanket of emotion. “Personal experiences, I feel are the most important to any artistic development – dealing with heartbreak is the most powerful.”

From the opening notes listeners will be enraptured in the current moment, spellbound by the airy, mystical soundwaves that are washing over them through their speaker systems. Glee, hope, and a profound sense of adventure and self-discovery will be at the forefront of your mind as the space between each beat allows your consciousness to wander safely in any direction it pleases, peace being the only thing that matters in that time. The notes are light, yet impactful, with the faded melody leading you along like a parent does to a child, hand-in-hand, just enjoying each other’s presence. A true sign of a masterful work is one you can easily get lost in, and let’s just say this one will be on repeat for hours.

With at least one more EP on the horizon for 2020, Bad Acid has a chance to capitalize mightily on all this down time and do something really special in the near future. Make sure to keep an eye out for what he has in store next, and check out ‘Ban”ger”1’ and the rest of the EP for yourself below!