PREMIERE: ASHEZ & Blueprint Come For The Throne With 'Monarch' – FUXWITHIT

New Zealand natives ASHEZ and Blueprint are no strangers to feisty underground trap beats, each bringing their own unique flavor to an already saturated pallet. Teaming up with the ever-impressive Tribal Trap for their latest release ‘Monarch’, they aim to showcase just how gritty a sound Kiwis are capable of.

Feeling like the opening to a sacred ritual, you’ll be gripped by the power and aesthetic of the piece as a whole. A wild menagerie of samples aptly sprinkled throughout every iota of this piece keeps your ears constantly on their toes, a true audible treat. The switch-ups between traditionally-styled trap to delectably bassy segments really rings true to the collaborative element of the project, incorporating two prolific elements of each artists’ distinct sounds. ‘Monarch’ is a feast for the ears, and a must-listen for all fans of trappy goodness. Check it out for yourself below!