Pocket Unveils His Debut Track, 'Aquarium,' Under New Alias – FUXWITHIT

There is no denying the intersection of interest that FUXWITHIT fans have with WATGOOD‘s music. As a revolutionary artist that has unleashed a plethora of festival favourites such as ‘Textures’ and ‘How About It’ on labels such as TWONK, Buygore, and many more, the Glasgow-based talent has redefined the definition of bass music for many years.

However, the time has come for a drastic change in the artist’s career as he looks to dive into more meaningful sonic territories. Accompanying the change of sound is a rebrand to the moniker Pocket, and fans finally get to hear the masterful producer’s new direction today with the release of his debut track, ‘Aquarium.’

Diving into the musical landscapes of future garage, all expectations should be left at the door prior to pressing play on this one. The change of alias is a welcome one, as WATGOOD’s music often had an audience of big stages and loud festivals. With a focus on groove and texture, Pocket’s music strives to be inward and intimate. It’s calmer and more serene, yet more complex and more beautiful. With artists such as Burial and Sorrow holding down the genre for years, and newer artists such as Laxcity recently diving into it, the future looks bright for garage and Pocket is sure to become a front-runner with quality productions such as ‘Aquarium’ lining his discography.

If you’re looking for a truly touching piece that danceable and emotional, look no further than ‘Aquarium’ and stay tuned for more from Pocket coming soon.