PIERCE Dives Into The 'Deep Blue' – FUXWITHIT

Heavy hitter PIERCE is back to blow your speakers out with his brand new EP, Deep Blue. But this time, he’s challenging himself to take samples inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean‘ to create something totally fresh and new for the bass music scene. Knowing PIERCE’s style, you would expect something truly heavy and unstoppable. Which is exactly what he delivers. Honoring the world-renowned book by Ian Urbina, PIERCE channeled the dark waters and transformed violent atmospheres into pleasing and memorable art pieces. So prepare to dive head in and experience PIERCE’s creative process through each track.

The Deep Blue project is filled with charming and hard-hitting elements. When you get to his first track, ‘Distress Signal,’ the artist wastes no time and shows everyone what he can really do. Taking those samples of distress and culture, he managed to mold it into something remarkable and unexplainable. The track immediately takes your aura into the deep ocean, and unleashes a volcanic eruption of sound design and rhythm. From a hip hop style introduction with banging 808s and a percussion lead, you already know this is going to be a real treat. Then with a siren style build, PIERCE is ready to drop a major electric shock of sound on us. The drop in this piece really strikes you. The ominous and heavy bass lead speaks to your soul in a spooky charisma. When you think it’s over, the artist comes back around for seconds with a contemporary style second chorus. Something so interesting, you’ll have the whole track on replay to try and catch every little detail.

Finally, he closes it off with his final track, ‘Phantom.’ Living up to its name, PIERCE incorporates a haunting yet satisfying bit crushed vocal to send off a full experience. Then with a subtle and quick buildup, he takes our auras to the great barrier reefs and incorporates his flare and charisma. What makes this track so unique is his way of building around such a peaceful yet impactful atmosphere. The drops make you feel as if you were snorkeling in the great beneath. Swimming around for unique style creatures. A meditative effect which makes the listener become addicted to the EP as a whole. A gorgeous way to end off this project. Make sure to go support him and his work by streaming Deep Blue everywhere.

PIERCE · Deep Blue (Inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ a book by Ian Urbina)