Peter Rosenberg Ready To Drop Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow From Summer Jam Over Trump Support, They Respond

Days after Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow lent their support to Donald Trump in his current Presidential re-election bid, Hot 97‘s Peter Rosenberg expressed his disappointment, so much so that he believes the pair should be booted from the 2024 Summer Jam lineup.

“Sleepy Hallow you could tell was — and I’m not giving him a pass, I was disgusted, hit ’em both with the button as far as I’m concerned. I hit everybody at the station, ‘let’s pull them off Summer Jam,’” he admitted to morning show co-hosts Ebro Darden and Laura Stylez. “I just want ya’ll to know, that is me, Karen Rosenberg. I don’t want them on Summer Jam. Listen, put a face to it, I don’t want them on Summer Jam. But let’s be clear, he’s laughing through that,” Rosenberg added of Hallow’s demeanor during his endorsement. “You can tell that’s it’s a big joke to him.”

The Brooklyn drill rappers have since responded to Rosenberg putting in a word with higher-ups to have them removed from the iconic Hip-Hop show, with Hallow keeping it short and sweet with his reply, “this old ni**a is dick eater.” He later added, “See ya’ll at Summer Jam this Sunday. F**k what them old headz talking bout.”

Sheff G also issued a statement, stating he didn’t know that he had to be in line with Hot 97 politically in order to find success, adding that the station has never acknowledged him for anything positive in the past.

“Damn…thought we was free to vote for whoever we wanted. I never knew we had to have the same politcal opinion as @laurastylez, @oldmanebro and @rosenbergradio in order to gain success. Imagine that…crazy thing is…thorughout all my success I never seen neither of ya’ll mention my name,” he argued. “Ya’ll sat silently and watched lol (whisper) but as soon as something that ya’ll consider negative comes up, ya’ll quick to (shout) lol ya’ll the reason our generation is the way it is…I’m not even gone say no disrespectful sh*t either. It’s all love,” he concluded with a blue heart emoji.

He also shared several screenshots of fans and fellow artists who support the pair performing at Summer Jam.

Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G are far from the only Hip-Hop figures to support Trump, including Sexyy Red, who is also booked for Summer Jam. The St. Louis rapper voiced her support for the businessman-turned-politician last fall.

“I like Trump,” she began on the Theo Von Podcast. “Yeah, they support him in the hood. At first I don’t think people was f**king with him. They thought he was racist, saying little sh*t against women. But once he started getting Black people out of jail and giving people that free money? Awe, baby, we love Trump. We need him back in office. We need him back, because, baby, them checks.”