Adidas, Anthony Edwards Issue Ad Aimed At Cam’ron, Carmelo Anthony

Adidas and Anthony Edwards‘ streak of advertisement gold continues as they issue their latest TV spot for the AE1, which is more poignant in its defiant message.

Adidas released the commercial on Friday (May 31), a day after the Dallas Mavericks eliminated Edwards and the Minnesota Timberwolves from the playoffs.

The advent takes aim at AE’s various naysayers across X/Twitter and even calls out Cam’ron and Carmelo Anthony for their comments on their respective podcasts, It Is What It Is and 7PM in Brooklyn. Anthony Edwards even goes so far as to include their remarks as actual receipts in the visuals, as they debate whether or not he is worthy of being the face of the league.

The commercial finds Edwards back on the court, hard at practice, while his friend runs through various comments aimed at the player. Cam’ron’s quote asserted that Edwards is an All-Star level talent but “not a superstar yet,” to which the Wolves star laughs and bluntly says, “f**k buddy.”

Carmelo’s comment asked if the former Georgia player was “committed” to being the face of the league because “they’re throwing that out there too loosely.” AE yams a signature dunk at the end of the commercial as he swears off his naysayers and promises to prove them wrong, saying, “This is only the beginning. I’m not who they think I am—I’m better. Believe that.”

As mentioned, Anthony Edwards and the Wolves were eliminated from the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday (May 30), losing 103-10th 24.

Mavs star Luka Dončić went deep in his bag, scoring from almost every inch of the court that you could think of. At one point in the game the Mavs were up on the Timberwolves by 40 points, as Dallas hit dagger after dagger.

The Dallas Mavericks will now face the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, with Game 1 starting on Thursday (June 6).