olswel Basks In A New Beginning With 'save' – FUXWITHIT

Returning to the industry with a burning passion for higher success, olswel shares his newest piece, ‘save.’ A beautifully crafted and highly intelligent masterpiece, honoring this hero’s journey as a creative as well as his bright future to come. Filled to the brim with iconic characteristics and attitude. A pure boost of inspiration with a soothing after-effect. Creating an instant state of addiction for his style and creativity.

Even though olswel has been gone for a while, he commented on how good it feels to be back and how he’s missed his listeners. The result of being burnt out was the main reason for his absence, but now he’s returned and feels happier than ever. Which makes us feel ecstatic. For years, this icon has proven to be one of the strongest in the game. From whimsical compositions of groove to touching the hearts of many, this was a brilliant way to introduce himself once again.

‘save’ is a wavy and forward-thinking work of art. Its constant motion is full of colorful textures, environments, and more. Satisfying to the ear with every listen. Making this an endless ride of perseverance and futuristic execution. From a cinematic introduction with angelic piano chords, whimsical melodies, and more, to a beautiful chorus containing a nasty 808 and satisfying drums, this is a song that keeps on giving. The overall soul and body within completely takes you into a new dimension. Creating a space not yet discovered. Even the percussion and unique fills completely amp it to a higher level.

Each section is different and unique in its own space. The way he introduces new qualities and instruments is jaw-dropping and showcases how he got to where he is today. Inspiring many up-and-comers to the core. We’ve all missed the golden touch he’s set within the world, and to see him return is simply incredible. We’re stoked to hear where he goes next. But for now, make sure to go support by streaming ‘save.’

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