ODEA Showcases His Versatility In His Latest Single 'Streets' – FUXWITHIT

At FUXWITHIT one of our favorite things to see is artists branching out and experimenting with an array of different genres. When done correctly it can elevate a producer to a level not many are on, and one that shows clear mastery of multiple genres. One name we could without a doubt include on this list is California based producer ODEA. With ventures in bass house, trap, and midtempo becoming the norm from ODEA, it’s clear that he is one to watch as we move forward. A first listen to an ODEA track is always something we look forward to, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected. ‘Streets’ is a great example of what the California-native is all bout, no-nonsense hard-hitting records, no matter the genre. 

During the intro, we get hints of hip-hop with a syncopated hi-hat pattern out the gate, that quickly gives way to a more house-oriented hi-hat/clap pattern. After the drums are brought in for a quick build-up, we’re launched into this high-energy bass house track full of these violent underlying basses accompanied by some expert drum work to keep the groove moving. After this, the hi-hat pattern from the intro appears again, but this time joined by 808s to give us a much-welcomed trap breakdown. After another quick build-up, we’re thrown back into a hectic bass house section. Check out the full track down below!