Not The Father & Fox’d Shifts Levels With Massive Bass House Single ‘Bad Things’

With a unique twist on the bass-house genre and initiating an energetic feel to listeners, no matter what time of the day it is, Not The Father and Fox’d are no strangers in the music industry. Returning to the iconic House Call Records imprint which consists of a team driven to shine a light on the very best and brightest artists contributing to the evolution of house music, Not The Father and Fox’d are blessing their fan base with a groove so irresistible and basslines so deep that we cannot get enough of this club-ready single.

Flawlessly blending both of their bass-infused signatures with the ideal amount of distortion, a wonky yet prolonged slow tempo frequency crafts the perfect groove to go off on the dancefloor. This one is easily for those early mornings, forgetting about the outside world and just jamming out in those warehouses till the sunrise.  Taking full control, echos of vocals flow immaculately with the high-energy instrumentals to solidify a catchy rhythm that cannot be contained.  The track was signed without any hesitation by the legend Dr. Fresch and these talented artists have proven why with this mesmerizing collaboration.

This collaboration marks a paradigm shift in Bass House in my eyes. ‘Bad Things’ is the perfect example of two producers on the rise, each with their own signature sound, coming together to create a record that stands out within the genre. We simply need more musicians in our field doing exactly this right now – writing records with the intention of being original, in every facet of songwriting and production. On top of all that – the record is catchy as hell! – Dr. Fresch