ISOxo Resurrects An ‘inhuman’ Entity From The Other Side

With the spirit of October right around the corner, ISOxo blesses lost spirits with his brand new single, ‘inhuman.’ A groovy and insidious tune filled with horrifying yet satisfying sound design. Created to scare and invigorate fans from all over. A dangerous entity just waiting in the shadows to strike your inner soul! And if you’ve been following the artist for a while, you’ll know this is an extra special one. Debuted on his KIDSGONEMAD performance via RL Grime’s Halloween IX Stream, listeners were eager to know when this track would see the dark of night. The perfect piece to enhance your fears while driving a comforting energy throughout. Making you become purely hypnotized with each listen.

With piercing drums, a melody that gives you goosebumps, and an enticing environment, this track does a fabulous job of keeping your interests peeked to the next level. Its calm yet spine-tingling flow keeps you moving while looking over your shoulders at all times. Everything flows together in a perfect fashion. Never colliding or getting confused in the end. From those piercing scream samples to an angelic vocal floating within your mind, it’ll make you become truly one with his creativity and the stage set around. Making this an absolute anthem for every October month. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘inhuman’ everywhere via NIGHTMODE!

NIGHTMODE · ISOxo – inhuman